*Please note that you must be at least 21 years of age to become a member of Airfield Supply Company.

How to become a member at Airfield Supply Company

Bring your original doctor’s recommendation and your valid California ID on your first visit. Please leave yourself a few minutes on your first visit to complete our membership agreement forms. Once our staff has verified your recommendation and paperwork, you will receive a quick tour of our collective and services, at which you will be an Airfield member.

Membership Fees

There are no annual dues. Each member contributes as much or as little to the collective as they desire based on the quantity of medicine that they require. The cost of medicine also includes auxiliary services, see the Services page for details. All patients must have a valid California ID and valid recommendation from a licensed California doctor. All Airfield members agree to basic rules, best practices, and code of conduct while at Airfield and interacting with collective members.

Airfield Supply Company is a peaceful place where patients come together to help other patients with alternative medications and healing services. Airfield has been helping patients in the South Bay since early 2010. If you are considering medical marijuana as an alternative medication and have questions and/or concerns our staff would be happy to answer any questions and help guide you. Please feel free to contact Airfield via email or phone.

How to check in as a returning patient

You will gain access to an account with Airfield after your first visit. Please present a cannabis ID (doctor’s recommendation, a copy of the doctor's recommendation, or canna card ID) as well as your valid California ID to the front desk staff. You will be checked in instantly.

(408) 320-0230

1190 Coleman Avenue

San Jose, CA 95110

* Near San Jose Airport

7 Days a Week: 9am - 9pm

HOLIDAY HOURS: Sunday 12/11 Close at 6pm, 12/24 Close at 4pm, 12/25 CLOSED, 12/31 Close at 8pm, 1/1 CLOSED

Strain Of The Day

Amnesia OG


Strength: Strong

Type: Sativa

Airfield Supply Co. offers a daily special which is always 10% off eighths and grams. This strain is always rotating and is never repeating in the same week. View our menu for more strains.