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Big pete's treats - DOUBLE CHOCOLATE 100MG SINGLE
What it is: The Double Chocolate Chip 100mg Single is a cookie packed with classically-delicious chocolate chips and 100mg of THC. Why We Love It: Come enjoy a mix on this true classic - this Double Chocolate Chip 100mg Cookie will remind you of the better times, full of chocolate chips and deliciousness - Nostalgia in every bite. Dosing And Potency: Every cookie is consistently and meticulously measuring 10mg of THC per cookie - a standard Big Pete's Treats wants you to count on. Each bag is packed with 10 cookies, giving you 100mg of THC in every pack. A Bit About The Brand: As a family business with Santa Cruz soul, Big Pete's Treats are dedicated to baking cannabis cookies that are tasty, consistent, and effective for a quality experience that can be replicated deliciously time and time again.
- 100.0 milligrams
In Stock