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Decibel gardens - C-NOTE - DIAMOND INFUSED 1G
Decibel gardens |
THC: 496.76mg
"What it is: C-Note is a indica dominant strain crossing Gelato 41 x Blue Gelato by Decibel Gardens. Why We Love It: Each puff leaves behind notes of citrus and pepper as you drift into a calm body high balanced by a happy cerebral effect. Dosing And Potency: Diamond infused and ready to smoke, all you need is a light! A Bit About The Brand: Decibel Gardens started in 2016. Our love of this plant and process is what defines us. It requires constant attention to detail and that applies to everything from the design of facilities, the communication of equipment, the people who cultivate and the staff who process all working together to ultimately deliver a flower that maintains the highest quality. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock