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Gold flora - GMO X LION'S CAKE 1G
Gold flora |
THC: 33.25%
"What it is: This pre roll contains a crossing of GMO and Lion's cake cultivated and rolled up by Gold Flora. Why We Love It: Lion's Cake has an earthy aroma with overtones of vanilla, fruit, pepper and almonds. It is reported that the large trichome-covered bud has many users feeling a sense of relaxation, euphoria, and mindfulness. While GMO produces a euphoric high with mentally uplifting effects and diesel aroma with a garlic-forward taste that lingers on your tastebuds. Dosing And Potency: All you need is a lighter - this preroll is ready to light, toke, and go. A Bit About The Brand: Gold Flora is a leading brand of legal, compliant cannabis in the California market. The company is affiliated with Gold Flora Farms — a unique, fully licensed cannabis complex in Desert Hot Springs, California, that houses premier companies throughout the eco-system, including leaders in cultivation, manufacturing, processing, testing, packaging, and distribution. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock