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Jetfuel cannabis - THC BOMB
Jetfuel cannabis |
THC: 26.6%
CBD: 0.1%
"What it is: While Bomb Seeds has kept THC Bomb’s genetic background proprietary, this strain’s appeal is obvious. Besides a well-rounded earthy and fruity flavor profile, it delivers what it promises - amazing THC levels. Why We Love It: THC Bomb has very impressive, "bomb" like flowers that are often associated with heavier indicas. While this strain is potent, it's effects are very euphoric . Dosing And Potency: Jetfuel Cannabis flower is available in 3.5g quantities and will require grinding down to be smoked in a joint, blunt, bong or vaporizer. You will likely only need 0.5g - 1g of flower to achieve the effects you are looking for. A Bit About The Brand: Jetfuel Cannabis is the Bay Area's leader in indoor-grown, small batch craft cannabis, cultivating commercially since 2010 as a part of Airfield Supply Company and born out of a love for the higher things in life. "
- 3.5 grams
In Stock