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"What it is: Rolling a blunt has never been so easy. This blunt roller will make every blunt you roll meet the highest of standards. Dosing And Potency: To Use: Open up the rollers, add as much cannabis as you wish. Close rollers back up and begin moving the rollers towards you. Keep the plastic tightly stretched.Take a blunt wrap, always have the seal side facing you. Insert the wrap between the rollers. Keep moving the rollers towards you to roll the wrap in. A little needs to stick out to be licked for the seal of the blunt. Once licked, roll the paper all the way in and give it a couple of extra rolls. Open up for the perfect blunt. A Bit About The Brand: The Juicy Blunt Roller is the perfect blunt rolling device. Blunts come in all shapes & sizes. That’s why they developed a rolling solution that lets you have it your way, every time. "
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