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Kikoko - FOCUS MINTS - 20 PACK
Kikoko |
THC: 40.0mg
CBD: 120.0mg
What it is: Tiny botanical mints packed with microdosed cannabinoids, vitamins and plant adaptogens. Designed to keep you on task without a high. Why We Love It: These little mints from Kikoko are packed with B12 and B6 to promote brain health. Dosing And Potency: Servings Per Package: 20. Each piece contains 3mg CBD & 1mg THC. Start with one piece, wait two hours for full effect before increasing your dose. A Bit About The Brand: Organic cannabis-infused wellness products to help with sleep, anxiety, mood, pain and sex. Women-led and women-owned, Kikoko’s mission is to empower women to take back their health and live with more joy.
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