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Kiva |
THC: 100.0mg
What it is: A surprising combination of green tea matcha and peppermint extract, our sugar-free, plant-based Moroccan Mint Petra soothes with a hint of peppermint with light notes of Tahitian vanilla. Why We Love It: After the dry eyes kick in from the minty cool, you should start to feel a soothing, energetic high that pairs well with a creative atmosphere. Keep these in mind if you need a mood boost or if you need to get ahead of social anxiety. Dosing And Potency: Servings Per Package: 40. Each piece contains 2.5mg THC. Start with one piece, wait two hours for full effect before increasing your dose. A Bit About The Brand: Kiva Confections products are crafted from premium ingredients and skillfully combined with California cannabis. Since beginning in 2010, their goal was to create an edible that redefined what a cannabis confection ought to be. Kiva delivers on that mission today by applying art and science to ensure a deliciously consistent experience. *Allergen Warning* May contain or be processed in a facility that also processes wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, or nuts.
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