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Papa & barkley - 3:1 RELEAF PATCH
Papa & barkley |
THC: 7.0mg
CBD: 23.0mg
What it is: The 3:1 Releaf Patch is a slow-release patch that sticks to skin, offering 3:1 CBD to THC relief through transdermal delivery of full-spectrum cannabinoids. Why We Love It: This slow-release patch sticks to skin, offering relief through transdermal delivery of full-spectrum cannabinoids. With a quick and easy single application, you get up to 12 hours of relief for your whole body. Dosing And Potency: Each patch contains 7.5mg THC and 22.5mg CBD, and due to transdermal delivery mild psychoactivity will occur. Recommended Application Areas: Inside of wrists, inside and outside of biceps, shoulders, back of the neck, back, and inside of the ankle. A Bit About The Brand: Inspired by their founder's father and his loyal pitbull Barkley, Papa & Barkley are a proud team of caregivers, scientists and professionals on a mission to unlock the power of cannabis to improve people’s lives.
- 30.0 milligrams
In Stock