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Puffco - THE PROXY
"What it is: The Puffco ProxyTM is a portable, modular vaporizer that provides broad flexibility for your cannabis consumption experience. Powered by our cutting-edge 3D Chamber technology, the Proxy has four precision heated temperatures settings for the most flavorful experience and vapor production. Why We Love It: Cannabis tradition meets innovation with an elegant, ergonomic glass pipe that cradles the Proxy’s unique removable base, allowing you to customize your experience with an ecosystem of compatible Puffco accessories and third-party artist glass. Dosing And Potency: The Proxy heats up in under 30 seconds, and the battery lasts about 15 sessions on a single charge. It takes an hour and a half to charge from empty to full via a USB-C cable. A Bit About The Brand: Puffco has brought together the disciplines of design, technology, and engineering with the mission of providing the best platform for user-friendly concentrate consumption. "
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