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Royal key - GOMISHI
Royal key |
THC: 21.0%
"What it is: Gomishi (Five Flavor Berry), is pheno no.95 of a Gary Payton x Red Pop cultivated by Royal Key. Why We Love It: Gomishi is special because of it's well rounded aroma from bright berries to fuel, and unique structure. The smoke is smooth and full flavored leaving one satisfied, but also wanting to puff some more. Enjoy. Dosing And Potency: Gomishi flower is packed into airtight containers, sealed for maximum freshness and perfect to keep the flower safely stored. A Bit About The Brand: Royal Key is devoted to the best quality flowers and concentrates. A California licensed “micro-business” which means we are vertically integrated with an indoor garden, a manufacturing lab, and a distribution hub centralized at our factory in Humboldt CA. We work with a variety of cultivators in California and select visual artists to create a cannabis collaboration/art project under the name Suprize Suprize. "
- 3.5 grams
In Stock