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25 Days of Blaze: Week 2

Unlock the next five days of ASC’s adult Advent calendar: 25 Days of Blaze continues with new discounts! This week, find savings on five new brands and keep reading for some major hints on which ones make the best gifts!

Gift Guide: Week 2

As mentioned in part one, for the next 25 days, you’ll find five brands across different categories 25% off. We’re kicking off part two with 25% off Binske, PAX, Big Pete’s, Roll Bleezy, and LEVEL until December 6th; it’s time to light the trees!

For the Secret Stoner:

Not everyone wants the world (or their families) to know they smoke weed, we totally get it. Whether you’re just being respectful of the in-laws or sneaking a silent toke while the pie is in the oven, PAX is the pinnacle of privacy. These small and mighty holiday helpers come in many forms so you can get your cannabis exactly the way you want on the go. Earlier this year, PAX launched their very own pods that are far from ordinary. The original rosin pods took vape fans by storm with incredible potency and true-to-the-strain flavor and effects that are only surpassed by their newest addition: Diamond Pods! Made with liquified diamonds and the purest terpenes, these pods are even more potent and flavorful than their rosin-based counterparts.

For the Holiday Baking Champ:

Our favorite part of the holidays is the time we spend with the people we love. We know Big Pete, owner of Big Pete’s Treats, father, and grandfather feels the same way! For the baked bakers you want to see more of, give them a reason to connect & add Big Pete’s cannabutter to the shopping list! Made with 1000mg of THC & real butter with all the fat (necessary for cooking AND getting high– look it up!), cannabutter unlocks countless possibilities for this year’s holiday goodies! Come together with family and friends to come up with new recipes or take your time-honored traditions a little higher this year! However you choose to unite, we hope Big Pete inspires you to do it!

For the Chocoholic:

Chocolate is a pretty classic holiday gift; the gift box assortments, truffles, hot chocolates, mochas, and countless desserts… We’re drooling just thinking about it. Elevate your holiday chocolate arsenal with Binske’s exotic cannabis chocolate! Made with rare Peruvian cacao and whole ingredients, these chocolates are perfect for pairing with the highest quality charcuterie boards and superior for stuffing the snootiest grandma’s stocking!

For Sleeping Beauty:

Your kids want you up bright and early and ready for presents in the morning, don’t drag yourself out of bed. Be ready to go before your coffee’s even done brewing with a couple puffs of LEVEL’s Boost vape! Made with THC-V for energy and CBG for anxiety, pain, and pretty-much-everything-else relief, this powerful pick-me-up is an actual coffee mate. This unique combination of cannabinoids can only be made better by knowing they’re rosin! That mean’s solventless, no chemicals, no extras, all effects! There’s one more way to make this vape just that much better, pair the Boost Rosin vape with Boost tabs for energy that’s available when you need it and last all day.

December 6, 2022


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