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Airfield’s Flight Guide to Kiva Confections: Beyond the Blueberry Bites

Behind those blueberry bites that everyone knows and love, KIVA is a tight-knit group of craft-confectioners and innovators doing what they love best – creating highly delicious experiences. Since 2010, KIVA’s founders, Scott and Kristi Palmer, have been focused on redefining the cannabis edible. Ten years later, KIVA is now one of the most recognized cannabis companies in California.

Ask any dispensary for “those blueberry bites” and they’ll exactly what you’re looking for! Since the launch of those iconic Blueberry Terra Bites, KIVA has evolved to include over a dozen concoctions of chocolate bars, Petra Mints, and most recently, Camino Gummies.

Airfield Supply Company is proud to present our first Flight Guide, a series that will offer an exclusive look behind some of the biggest brands in cannabis! Our Flight Guide to KIVA Confections is here to give you a golden ticket to the world inside KIVA’s chocolate factory.

February 4, 2020


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