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Rare Cannabis Chocolate Lands at Airfield

Single-origin Cacao Combines with Cannabis to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Once thought to be extinct, the “mother plant” of Peruvian cacao was rediscovered in the Maranon river valley, where it’s been tended to by a dedicated community of farmers. Discovering synergies between Peruvian cacao, connoisseur cannabis, specialty coffee, and other rare, unique ingredients, the team at binske works to elevate each customer’s cannabis experience with the highest quality ingredients and intentions.

binske chocolate is exclusively made from Peruvian Pure Nacional, one of the most prized cacao crops in the world. Pure Nacional cacao beans, called the “rarest chocolate in the world” by the New York Times and featured on the CNN television series ‘Parts Unknown’ by iconic chef Anthony Bourdain, deliver a smooth, refined flavor that pairs beautifully with every ingredient.

Cacao doesn’t come easy; it takes hard work to sustainably grow and process this ancient plant in a way that doesn’t harm the surrounding community and environment. The co-ops formed by indigenous cacao farmers in Latin America donate a portion of their profits to help local communities. The farmers vote on how to best use the money; they have built a school and an orphanage and continue to put resources towards improving the quality of life in their communities.

Airfield Supply will feature three flavors of binske dark chocolate with 68% cacao content, including Intelligentsia Espresso, Almond, and Sea Salt, along with two flavors of milk chocolate with 36% cacao content: Strawberry and Hazelnut. All single-origin chocolate bars contain 100mg of THC per package and 10mg per piece, so you can indulge when you want to or take it slow if you need.

Wake & Bake with Intelligentsia Espresso Chocolate

binske’s new Espresso chocolate bars are the latest addition to a robust line of cannabis chocolate. Featuring a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Intelligentsia Coffee, a purveyor of fine single-origin coffee originating in Chicago, IL, in 1995.

Founded by Doug Zell and Emily Mange, Intelligentsia was born out of a refusal to settle for bad coffee! Fast forward 26 years and Intelligentsia remains one of specialty coffees’ most pioneering and innovative companies. Intelligentsia’s Direct Trade sourcing model has created opportunities for thousands of smallholder coffee farmers worldwide and has been adopted by specialty coffee roasters everywhere. Known for their In-Season program and unique single-origin and rotating blends, Intelligentsia provides exclusively remarkable coffees consumers won’t find anywhere else.

Enjoy binske cannabis chocolate with the knowledge that the world’s finest ingredients have been cultivated and combined for your pleasure.

September 29, 2022


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