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Earth Day is Every Day

Earth Day is Every Day

Airfield has grown with the Earth in mind for over twelve years; we’ve watched as the legalization of cannabis brought more serious packaging requirements, which have led to more and more single-use plastic waste circulating in our cities. We see the abundance of less-than-recyclable materials that make their way into your hands– and we want to do better. Our commitment to creating a more sustainable cannabis market starts at home with the products we produce and make available to you, our customers.

Taking Flight

Aviation Cannabis, our new premium cannabis line was also built with this in mind. We chose the most sustainable packaging on the market for our highest quality products: ocean recycled plastic lids and doob tubes coupled with food-grade aluminum tins. These recycled, reusable, and recyclable little cans don’t just save the Earth, though; they protect your weed too! These tins have been sealed air-tight for unmistakable freshness that lasts for over a year.

Ode to Sustainable Packaging 

Jetfuel Cannabis, our original in-house brand, quickly took hold of our customers from its inception. Seeing that success, we worked hard to transition all of our product packaging to be fully recyclable or recycled materials like glass jars and ocean reclaimed pre-roll packs and tubes. That wasn’t the final step; we took our approach to eco-friendly a step further. Jetfuel’s new look comes with a unique benefit. The latest packaging (pictured on the right!) is a sleek and colorful bag that may look like standard plastic but are made with Earth-conscious materials that break down in a landfill in seven years– yep, you read that right– these bags completely break down in seven years!

A Little Help From Our Friends

In 2020, with the help of our friends at Cannacraft and Resynergi, we launched a revolutionary recycling program that allows you, our customers, to recycle their weed waste with their budtender at the register. Airfield was the first dispensary partner for this program, testing the waters by installing a receptacle in-store to collect plastic packaging and transport it to Resynergi’s Santa Rosa facility. They use energy-efficient, low-emission microwaves to convert traditionally non-recyclable plastics into fuel products. This clean fuel, extracted from waste instead of the Earth, can be an alternative to refined oil. Want to know more about the process? Visit their website for more information about how Resynergi reduces plastic waste in the cannabis industry.

Better Together

There’s still a long way to go, even with as many improvements as we’ve seen in packaging and recycling technology over the last four years since cannabis was legalized. Together, we are all in this to build a more sustainable industry, starting with the materials we choose to put our products in and what you as consumers do with your waste after the purchase. The more we commit to doing better, the more we can push forward, so thank you for coming with us, and we are excited to do even better together!

April 22, 2022


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