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There’s an art to enjoying weed Redwood City style, and we’re here to be your copilots. For those unfamiliar, Redwood City is a city in Northern California, in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula in San Mateo County, not far from San Jose and part of the Bay Area. With its downtown area buzzing with hip restaurants, trendy boutiques, and the iconic Courthouse Square, Redwood City has a unique charm that attracts people from all walks of life. Not far from the city center, Redwood Shores offers a serene contrast to the urban vibe. It’s not just a place but a hub of activity, hosting concerts, movie nights, and festivals that bring the community together.

Being part of Silicon Valley, Redwood City is home to a multitude of tech companies and startups. This has drawn professionals from around the world, giving the city a cosmopolitan feel. The influence of these diverse cultures is evident in the eclectic mix of eateries, shops, and cultural events that populate the area. Whether exploring the local history or enjoying the modern amenities, Redwood City is rich in experiences.

The legalization of recreational weed in California has further enriched Redwood City’s community spirit. The city has embraced this change, integrating cannabis into its culture in a way that promotes responsible use and enjoyment. Today, we’re here to talk about some ways to experience the best of Redwood City’s cannabis culture.

Spotlight on Airfield Supply Co.

When it comes to cannabis dispensaries in Redwood City, Airfield Supply Co. stands out. We’re known for our reputable presence and commitment to the community. We’ve become a favorite among locals and visitors (we’re humble, we swear). Located conveniently smack dab in the city, our dispensary offers a wide range of cannabis products that cater to every type of stoner and budget.

At Airfield, you’ll find an impressive variety of products, from popular strains and edibles to concentrates and accessories. Some of our standout offerings include beverages like Wild Raspberry Iced Tea, Thunder Pop Lime Mate Energy Drink, Midnight Berries CBN High Seltzer, and Mango Blood Orange High Seltzer. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a canna-curious, Airfield Supply Co. has something for everyone, including a hidden gem or two.

The exceptional customer service at Airfield Supply Co. includes:

  • Knowledgeable staff who are always ready to assist
  • Insightful recommendations to help customers make informed choices
  • A welcoming atmosphere that makes customers feel comfortable and confident in their purchases

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular customer, you can expect a positive experience. But just to drive it home, here’s what sets us apart from other dispensaries:

  • Loyalty program: rewards frequent customers with discounts and exclusive deals
  • Online ordering options: provides convenience for customers to access their products
  • Delivery services: ensures that customers can receive their products with ease

This commitment to customer satisfaction and offering a great price are a testament to our dedication to the community.

Weed-Friendly Activities and Experiences

Planning a trip to Redwood City offers a chance to explore its many attractions, including San Francisco Bay, Marlin Park, Fox Theatre, and Pulgas Water Temple. Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy a day in Redwood City with some of the best weed around:

Exploring Nature and Outdoor Activities

Redwood City is a place for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. A visit to Bair Island Wildlife Refuge & Trail offers stunning waterfront views and abundant wildlife. A walk along the trails with a preroll can enhance the surroundings, allowing you to connect more deeply with nature. The calming effects of an Indica-leaning strain can heighten your senses, making the sights, sounds, and smells of the refuge more vivid and immersive.

Similarly, Mezes Park, with its playground, tennis courts, and picnic areas, is a charming spot to unwind. Enjoying a weed-infused beverage or a rising gummy can make your time at the park more enjoyable by enhancing your relaxation and adding a layer of chill to your visit. The uplifting effects of a Sativa-leaning strain can also make activities like playing tennis or having a picnic that much more fun.

Immersing in History and Culture

For history buffs, the San Mateo County History Museum offers interactive exhibits housed in a beautifully restored courthouse. Consuming a balanced THC edible before your visit can help you absorb the rich history and intricate displays at a relaxed pace. The subtle euphoria from cannabis can make exploring the exhibits more engaging and enjoyable, allowing you to appreciate the historical narratives and artifacts in a more profound way.

The Pulgas Water Temple, a scenic beaux-arts monument, is another historical gem. It’s a perfect spot for contemplation and enjoying the beauty of architectural design. The temple marks the terminus of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct, a vital infrastructure completed in 1934 that supplies drinking water from the Sierra Nevada to the Bay Area, including San Mateo County. Pairing your visit with a subtle vape from brands like Bloom or Alien Labs can enrich your appreciation of the temple’s aesthetic and historical significance, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the peaceful and picturesque setting.

Art and Creativity

Redwood City’s art scene is thriving, with places like the Filoli Historic House & Garden blending historical architecture and meticulously maintained gardens. A tasty canna-beverage from Cann can complement a stroll through these beautiful gardens by heightening your sensory experience. The creative boost from a hybrid strain can make the garden’s colors, textures, and fragrances more vibrant and captivating, enhancing your overall enjoyment.

The Fox Theatre is another fantastic destination for art and creativity lovers. This historic venue hosts a variety of live performances, from concerts to plays. Pairing your visit with a discreet weed edible can enhance your sensory experience, making the music sound richer and the performances more vivid. The relaxing effects of cannabis can also help you fully immerse yourself in the artistic atmosphere, making the night even more memorable.

Relaxation and Leisure

For those looking to simply relax, Stafford Park is an open space perfect for picnicking and play. Enjoying a mellow cannabis experience here can enhance your relaxation, allowing you to fully soak in the park’s tranquility. The soothing effects of a higher CBD ratio tincture can help you unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of a sunny day, whether you’re reading a book, having a picnic, or just lying on the grass.

Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve is another excellent choice, offering woodland hiking and grassland wildflowers. A discreet cannabis product like a vape from Absolute Xtracts can heighten your senses and make the park’s natural beauty more vivid. The enhanced sensory perception can make your hike more enjoyable, allowing you to fully appreciate the sights, sounds, and scents of the wilderness.

Nightlife and Dining

When the sun sets, Redwood City’s nightlife comes alive with numerous dining and entertainment options. Angelicas, with its Latin American cuisine and lounge-like venue, is perfect for an evening out. Pairing your dining experience with a cannabis-infused treat from Big Pete’s Treats can elevate the flavors and make your night even more memorable. The enhanced taste perception from cannabis can make the culinary adventure more enjoyable and the atmosphere more vibrant.

For a more casual vibe, Nick The Greek offers delicious Greek food that pairs well with a cannabis product. The relaxed effects of a hybrid strain can enhance your dining experience by making the flavors more intense and the ambiance more pleasant. Additionally, City Pub provides a lively atmosphere where you can enjoy a drink and some great pub food. A cannabis-infused edible can add a unique twist to your evening, making the social interaction and culinary delights even more enjoyable.

Wineries, Bars and Tasting Rooms

For a sophisticated experience, visit local wineries such as Russian Ridge Winery or Flying Suitcase Wines. These spots offer exquisite wine-tasting experiences that pair wonderfully with a subtle cannabis enhancement. The combined sensory experiences of wine and cannabis can make the tasting notes and aromas of the wines more pronounced, allowing you to savor each sip fully. Try out one of many pill selections from brands like Level and Hashtab. These are discreet, easy to dose and give your wine-tasting experience a little something extra.

For a more lively atmosphere, check out Sodini’s, a lively bar known for its beer and karaoke. Pairing your visit with a relaxing cannabis vape can enhance the social experience and make the night even more enjoyable. Another great option is The Office (in nearby San Carlos), a casual hangout for burgers and beer. A cannabis-infused edible can complement the rich flavors of the food and the laid-back atmosphere, creating a perfect evening of relaxation and enjoyment.

So, whether you’re here for the weekend, a week or even longer (we love that), we invite you to visit our city and the surrounding neighborhoods and discover the unique parts of Redwood City.

Responsible Consumption Tips

Enjoying cannabis responsibly is key to having a positive experience in Redwood City. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Start with a low dose to test its effects and minimize any undesirable side effects.
  • If you’re trying edibles or tinctures, begin with a 2.5-5mg dose.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes before consuming more to gauge how your body responds.

Ensuring that you’re in a safe, comfortable environment is crucial. This helps to enhance your experience and reduces the risk of adverse reactions. Additionally, avoid operating heavy machinery, including vehicles, after consuming, as it can impair your judgment and motor skills.

To further ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, following some essential safety tips and etiquette guidelines is important. These will help you navigate the canna culture in Redwood City responsibly and respectfully.

Safety Tips

Following California law, it’s essential to store weed products safely out of reach of children, preferably in their original child-proof packaging. This keeps your household safe and ensures that your products remain fresh and effective.

When consuming cannabis by inhalation methods like smoking or vaping, it’s advisable to start with one inhale and wait 10-15 minutes before consuming more. This allows you to gauge your tolerance and prevents overconsumption. Remember, it’s illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of cannabis in California, so always plan your transportation accordingly.

Avoid mixing weed with other substances, such as alcohol, to prevent adverse effects. If you ever find yourself experiencing intense effects, try calming your breathing and drinking water to help reduce discomfort.


Practicing good cannabis etiquette is essential for a positive experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always avoid consuming in public spaces where it is prohibited.
  • Be mindful of others by not smoking or vaping near non-users.
  • Show respect for those around you and help maintain a harmonious community atmosphere.

Respecting private property rules is equally important. Always ask for permission before consuming in someone else’s home. This courtesy ensures you are not imposing on others and helps maintain positive relationships.

Dispose of your products and packaging responsibly to prevent littering. This simple act of responsibility contributes to the beauty and cleanliness of Redwood City, ensuring that public spaces remain enjoyable for everyone.

Have Fun the Redwood City Way with Airfield Supply Co.

As you navigate Redwood City’s cannabis scene, remember to respect the community and follow the guidelines for responsible consumption. By doing so, you’ll ensure a safe and enjoyable experience that allows you to fully appreciate the beauty and culture of this remarkable city.

So make your way over to Airfield Supply Co. and grab all your favorite weed goodies to make your time in Redwood City memorable! Not only will you be supporting a local business, but you’ll also get to enjoy the best quality products around!

July 6, 2024


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