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Hispanic Heritage Month with Humo: Craft Grown, Raza Owned

Though cannabis was legalized in California almost five years ago in 2018, its use remains stigmatized throughout the state by many Californians. Though incorrect, the conventional idea that cannabis prohibition was spurred by its popularity amongst Hispanic laborers for decades has constructed a destructive loop using cannabis to demonize Hispanic culture and using Latinx roots to condemn “marijuana.” This narrative has been internalized in the Latinx community, making many apprehensive as we move toward Federal Decriminalization and Legalization.

According to a study done by Pew, 12% of Latinx Americans believe that cannabis should not be legal, the highest among ethnic groups polled. It’s impossible to remove the impact Latinx culture has on our community from food, music, and art; it’s time for a Latinx-owned brand to get involved in shaping the future of cannabis, too. Susie Plascencia, the co-founder of Latinx-owned flower brand Humo, thought so, too. To observe and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve teamed up with Susie & the Humo familia to continue breaking these stigmas, normalizing daily use, and celebrating the long cultural connection cannabis has to the Latinx community, especially in California. 

By la Raza, Pa’ la Raza

Susie Plascencia defines the brand as “by the Latinx community, for the Latinx community” in the same interview she did with Forbes mentioned before. Co-founder of Mota Glass & founder of Latinas for Cannabis, Susie has done significant work for Latinos and women in cannabis through these ventures and has continued this mission with Humo. She’s devoted her time to “create space for Latinos in an industry that has traditionally caused harm to them,” in her own words from an interview with Lindsay Bartlett at Forbes Magazine. “By la raza, pa’ la raza” runs through every part of Humo, from the people who grow the flower, process it, and sell it; Humo is Latinx owned and operated all the way through. Working to support farmers in Salinas, California, through POSIBL, year-round greenhouse grows mean Humo can offer year-round career opportunities, showing a small example of the huge impact Humo has already made in their immediate community.

Where There’s Fuego, There’s Humo

Before launching early this year, Susie hoped Humo would become an icon in cannabis as recognizable as the classics. To this day, she intends to cultivate a brand that speaks to Latinos and their demographic; her dreams are well underway. In just under a year, Humo has flown from Salinas, California, and landed in cities all over Northern and Southern California. We’re proud to support Humo & their work to diversify cannabis and make it more accessible. Craft-grown, premium, pesticide-free flower sustainably grown in greenhouses in Salinas, California, is hard to beat– especially when it starts at $32 an eighth! Producing quality cannabis at accessible prices is Humo’s specialty; grab an eighth and see what all the smoke is about for yourself!

September 28, 2022


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