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Japanese Friendship Garden

If you’re looking for a place to escape from city life, you can take a walk through the Japanese Friendship Garden. Situated in the middle of San Jose, California, this garden shows you that even while living a fast-paced life, you can find moments of peace.

What to expect from the Japanese Friendship Garden?

The Japanese Friendship Garden symbolizes the ‘Sister City’ relationship that San Jose, Okayama, and Japan share. Taking inspiration from the pattern of the Korakuen Garden in Okayama, the Japanese Friendship Garden occupies a section of Kelley Park and spreads over 6 acres. As you walk through the park, you can spot many ponds, bridges, waterfalls, and the tea house. Three of its many ponds were filled with koi fish sent from Okayama in 1966. Tragically, a deadly contagious fish virus killed nearly 90% of the koi in the ponds. 

A brook flows through the length of this park year-round, stopping at different intervals and creating picturesque ponds. The scenery is an ideal backdrop for weddings, making it a popular destination for engagement photoshoots and outdoor wedding ceremonies. 

What are the nearby attractions?

Since the Japanese Friendship Garden is in Kelley Park, you can explore everything the park provides, including the History Park in the south end and the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo.

Kelley Park

Kelley Park’s land was originally an inherited farm owned by a woman named Mrs. Louise Kelley. It spans over 172 acres and is a hotspot for many activities. You can find it on the northern side of San Jose, and it provides beautiful grounds for picnics, barbecues, and outdoor sports. There is abundant space for children to run around, play games, and enjoy the outdoors. It’s also known for its prime location and convenience since it is in the heart of the city. There is also an 18-hole golf course in the walnut orchard. So if you like playing golf, don’t forget to carry your golf clubs, balls, and other equipment.

History Park

At the south end of Kelley Park, you can find the History Park. Staying true to its name, the History Park gives you a glimpse into Santa Clara Valley in the 20th century. You can also learn more about it by opting for a walking tour where you will discuss the architectural and historical background of each building and the famous people associated with it. Finally, you can take a trip down memory lane and have a bite at their coveted old-fashioned O’Brien Ice Cream Parlor, a recreation of a business that ran in the 1900s. 

The History Park also has two local museums where you can learn about the various immigrant groups that resided in Santa Clara Valley. You will also see a replica of the Electric Light Tower, a legendary landmark that supposedly inspired the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

This small zoo is a local favorite. It houses animals from all around the world and even has a petting zoo, which kids specifically enjoy. You can also find other entertainment options, such as playgrounds and puppet theater products, a great place to educate and entertain children.

Happy Hollow also hosts workshops for you to learn from, like their most recent ‘Beekeeping and Beyond Workshop,’ where an expert teaches you how to become a backyard beekeeper! They also provide a full-day summer camp for young animal lovers between the ages of 5 and 13. You can find more information about this on their website

Timings for all the above activities change according to the season, so check their availability and working hours before visiting. You can either check their website or call ahead and ask.

We hope this guide has helped you add a stop to your itinerary for when you are in San Jose, California. When visiting the Japanese Friendship Garden, stop by our store and shop with us at Airfield Supply Company. With the range of collections we offer, we can meet all your cannabis needs. 

Whether you want to feel your ‘zen’ moment from the comfort of your home or you’re looking for a break during the day, we have it all. You can place anorder online and pick it up when you are in San Jose. We are located at 1190 Coleman Ave, San Jose, CA 95110. 

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