If there’s one thing we know about California cannabis since it went recreational in 2018, it’s that many people rely on it to fall asleep and stay asleep (chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re one of them!) Lights Out became the top choice for relieving sleeplessness when LEVEL released their all-new Protab+ line in May for obvious reasons: it works exceptionally well! The unique blend of THC with a bit of CBN and CBG creates the perfect sleeping spell– but imagine a version of this tablet in vape form. High THC rosin naturally makes most people feel pretty sleepy as it is, but CBN takes that way further, usually making it easier to fall asleep and get more restful sleep through the night. Adding CBG is like putting a hundred cherries on top of your sundae. As we mentioned with Boost, CBG does a great job of relieving anxiety and stress; so if that’s what’s got you up at night, press “add to cart” and turn the lights out.