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NYE at ASC: Welcome 2023 Hangover-Free

NYE at ASC: Welcome 2023 Hangover-Free

Something Old, Something New

We’re so close to 2023; we’ve almost made it. Before we officially transition into the new year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2022 together! This year at ASC, we gave away tons of goodies and swag from brands like Creme de Canna, Aviation, Binske, and WYLD, even a custom Select branded Paddleboard, Snowboard, and Cann branded Bike! You tried brand new products like Big Pete’s cannabutter, Sweet Releaf topicals, Oasis edibles, Bloom vapes, and so much more. We threw some parking lot parties, ate incredible BBQ, tacos, and fish, and supported small businesses and non-profits in our community like Higher Fire, Local Color, Sacred Heart Community Service, and more through charitable donations and partnerships. After such an incredible year, all we can think about now is what’s to come in 2023!

Light Up the New Year

Start 2023 off with something old… and new at the same time! Flower, the traditional toke we all know and (mostly) love, is our go-to method of getting lit like the sparklers this NYE. The catch? Say goodbye to your hangover when you swap that glass of champs (or five) for a hit of a joint, or pack that pipe instead! Maybe smoke & fire just isn’t your thing, though, and we can respect that. Replace the joint or pipe with a Naked AF all-in-one or Aviation 510 thread vape for a smoke-less experience with all the same benefits!


Cheers to No Tears

2023 is the year of no more pain! OK, we know you can’t completely eliminate it; pain exists everywhere. Aging arthritis, clumsy accidents, and messy breakups, pain can seem unavoidable in the current state of the world. We may not be able to cure every disease, keep our boyfriend Kevin from being a jerk, or keep that car from crashing into us, but with cannabis, we can at least make it feel a little better! This year, replace the traditional vices with a chocolate morsel from Oasis, a soothing balm from Sweet Releaf, or a drop of one of Proof‘s elixirs mixed into your beverage! Whether you’re looking to feel the high or just numb the negativity, choose between high THC or CBD options to get the relief you’re looking for!

Proof Tincture
April 13, 2023


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