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Introducing P&B Kitchen: The Papa & Barkley Difference

Bold & Craveable

Papa & Barkley has just launched their new solventless edible line at ASC & we are excited to put another all-natural, fair trade, & sustainable edible option on our menu! Introducing: P&B Kitchen, small batch artisanal chocolate infused with rosin and gummies infused with bubble hash created to elevate every aspect of your edible experience. Read on to understand the Papa & Barkley difference & try each bold & craveable flavor 25% off through October 27th while Papa’s whole family is in The Hangar at Airfield Supply!

Papa’s Kitchen

Whole Plant Full Spectrum

Whether CBD- or THC-rich, Papa & Barkley products are always created using their whole-plant, solventless infusion process. Their proprietary process starts with soaking sun-grown cannabis flowers in their base oil. Since this process involves no chemicals or solvents, the result is the most potent, cleanest plant-based medicine possible. Papa & Barkley calls it Whole Plant Full SpectrumTM – you can call it your best cannabis experience yet!

A Clean Process

Papa & Barkley’s infusion method is a simple, chemical-free process that preserves all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole plant for a super potent & effective full-spectrum outcome.

Others use chemicals, like CO2, to extract plant matter and isolate plant compounds using solvents, like ethanol or alcohol, for a less-pure, less-potent result.

Here’s a visual example: Think of Papa & Barkley’s whole-plant line and other processed products like fresh-squeezed orange juice and juice from concentrate. Fresh squeezed orange juice has more vitamins & contains less sugar than its processed & concentrated cousin, making it ultimately more effective & better for you. Although they both come from oranges, when you choose freshly squeezed over the alternative, you get more out of your experience.

Papa & Barkley creates their full-spectrum oil using only heat and pressure, preserving vital compounds like minor cannabinoids and volatile terpenes that would otherwise be lost during a chemical extraction process. These compounds work together with the major cannabinoids, THC & CBD, to produce a better high & more effective results.

Nature Knows Best

Papa & Barkley poses one question: why change what nature created?

They believe that processing the plant as minimally as possible is key to the effectiveness of the final product. While many products rely on chemical or harsh extraction methods, Papa’s proprietary process is proudly solventless.

The base oils for the Papa & Barkley products are made by slow-cooking the plant at low temperatures, using only heat, water, and pressure to infuse the oil. This process also preserves the beautiful earthy-green color from plant fats, chlorophyll, and other natural nutrients. The extracts used in the chocolates and gummies are made using only ice water for the hash that goes into the gummies, adding heat and pressure to create the rosin that goes into the chocolates. As much as Papa & Barkley depends on nature’s bounty, they are also highly aware of their company’s impact on the planet’s health and future. P&B Kitchen is made with all-natural, vegan, fair trade, and sustainably sourced ingredients, then packaged up in uber-sustainable packaging so you can worry less about your carbon footprint and more about finding joy in edibles again!

Triple Tested to Perfection

As with all of the products we carry at Airfield, Papa & Barkley tests each item once it’s packaged for the normal mold, mildew, pesticides, etc.; but Papa’s products are tested three times at key points in their production process for added assurance. They scan for 66 pesticides, 5 microbials, and 10 residual solvents – AKA, stuff you definitely don’t want in your cannabis. They test the flowers straight from the farm, after it’s blended, and finally, once it’s all packaged up & before it gets sent to us! Every product is certified by state and national standards with a third-party tested Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Cleaner Works Better

Papa & Barkley makes all of their products with solventless extracts! This solventless extract is added to their balms, tinctures, and edibles using a simple, chemical-free infusion process created to preserve all the good stuff from the cannabis plant for a super potent & effective full-spectrum result. Just like freshly squeezed orange juice versus a concentrate, fewer chemicals = more joy! Rest assured, all products are tested more than once at various times during the process for all the assurance you need to know you’re using a clean, effective, and safe product.

October 21, 2022


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