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PAX: Making Bud Better

PAX: Making Bud Better

AX has landed in the Hangar for a Takeover at ASC, saving you 20% on all their devices, pods, and a NEW addition to the family! For more than a decade, PAX has been known for its innovative devices that open new & improved methods to smoke & vaporize cannabis. In 2022, they pushed that limit further by adding Live Rosin and Diamond Pods to their portfolio to match their iconic PAX Era and Era Life devices. Now, in 2023 they’ve evolved into the flower arena with the addition of their NEW Infused Flower Pucks! These unique and ready-to-use flower pucks are the perfect way to infuse your session without the mess– here’s why!

Infused for Your Pleasure

PAX’s new Infused Flower Pucks merge the power of all-natural California-grown flower with the strength and flavor of full-melt water hash, all wrapped into a neat and handy package that’s ready for you to use. Each Puck mirrors the purity of raw flower and the potency of cold-water hash to provide a more robust experience all around.

Pax plus

To infuse these pucks, PAX mixes ground California-grown flowers evenly with cold water hash. The infused flower is then hand-pressed into eight ready-to-go PAX Pucks that fit flawlessly into any PAX portable vaporizer – like the OG PAX 3 and new PAX Plus. What if you don’t have a PAX flower device? Fear not! You can use PAX Pucks in joints, pipes, bowls, and bongs, too! All you need to do is break off what you need from the puck, pack or roll it up, and take a smoke break!

PAX-ing It Up

PAX’s Infused Flower Pucks are quite an innovation; pure potency that’s also highly portable; sign us up! Each hand-pressed puck is ready to use straight out of their crush-proof, resealable tins, so your only responsibility is making sure the puck makes it into your PAX device’s oven (or bong’s bowl!)There’s no prep and no mess, so you can enjoy all 2.8g without the labor! Enjoy two strains available now at ASC, and stay tuned for more landing soon!

April 13, 2023


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