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Thanksgiving Survival Guide

We know the holidays can be a little stressful. We’re here to provide you with your Thanksgiving survival kit. You can thank us later! Give thanks for 20% off flower, edibles, vapes, and more. Survive the holidays (and your family) with deals that came extra early this year! Enjoy deals on Aviation, Kiva, PAX, Dosist, Jetty, Level, 710, Wyld, Jeeter, Potli, Legion of Bloom, ABX, Farmer and the Felon & Care by Design from Nov. 22-25.

Jetty Extracts: All aboard Jetty’s Pineapple Express, compatible with PAX’s Era Pro device. Keep it classic with this beloved strain. Energizing effects and fruity flavor provide a tropical escape.

Legion of Bloom: Enjoy a hidden hit whenever the moment calls for it with Legion of Bloom’s Lemon Cookies PAX pod. 

Dosist: Get some relief with dosist’s 2:1 THC to CBD formula pod, designed to ease you into relaxation. 

PAX: Elevate your appetite and your smoking experience with PAX’s Era Pro, available in Jade, Red, Black, and limited edition Sapphire. 

710 Labs: Enjoy a little pre-dinner dessert with 710’s Pielatti live rosin for a clean, solventless high.

ABX: If the turkey’s not enough, try ABX’s Sleepytime cartridge to get a night of restful, deep sleep.

Potli: Dessert just got a little sweeter with Potli’s Dream honey, infused with CBD and CBN for a dreamy night of slumber.

Kiva: Get festive with Kiva’s dark chocolate peppermint Terra Bites, infused with THC for a sweet treat.

Wyld: Skip the pumpkin pie for Wyld’s Pomegranate 1:1 gummies, with a blend of THC and CBD for balancing both mind and body.

Care by Design: Everything tastes better elevated. Pop a soft gel from Care by Design for some pre-dinner prep.

Level: Skip the stress with Level’s CBG protab, a non-existent high designed to ease any mental or physical tension.

Aviation: Need a lift? Take a ride with Aviation’s Jack Herer, equipped for weathering any storm and flying above stress with ease.

Jeeter: Get the squad together for a smoke sesh with enough baby Jeeters to go around. Mai Tai makes these infused prerolls feel like a vacation.

Farmer & the Felon: You’ll want a slice of Farmer & the Felon’s Georgia Pie, an indica hybrid with juicy, fruity notes for a relaxing, delicious high.

November 24, 2021


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