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The Pure Beauty in Sustainability

The Pure Beauty in Sustainability

When searching for high-end cannabis, how do you make a conscious choice with so many options on the market? Do you make your choices based on the visual appeal of the flower? The packaging? Maybe it’s the terpene content, THC percentage, or brand name. Do you ever wonder where it came from or how it was grown? Do you care? Because you should!

Even if it matters only a little bit, you’ll develop a deep love for Pure Beauty’s flower and passion for growing it after this read because it makes all the difference in the final product in your cart.

Beauty in Purity

Pure Beauty cares about how the flower you smoke is cultivated. With the recreational cannabis industry booming across the nation in various states, the focus on conscious consumption has become lost in many forms. Waste runs rampant, and we’ve begun to see plastics, plant material, and most importantly, water being overused and under-recycled in an environment that may never recover from it. Pure Beauty’s ethos focuses on changing this narrative, a sentiment we at Airfield can appreciate and relate to.

Sustainability and purity run through the roots of this brand, starting from the moment they plant seeds in their enriched soil. All water collected and used for their plants comes from the air; no water comes from the California tap. Why would they do that? Because every cannabis plant requires about 150-250 gallons of water just to reach the flowering stage. That’s a lot of water for a state in a severe drought! Furthermore, there is no runoff in their cultivation facility, so every drop of this precious water is recycled. That’s not all– with zero runoff, they’re preserving the surrounding water supply and indigenous species from fertilizers and nutrients that may be considered “safe” but would still make life inhabitable if they contaminated the environment.

Indigenous species aren’t the only creatures they’re trying to protect. Pure Beauty utilizes bugs like rolly pollies, earthworms, nematodes, friendly bacteria, fungi, and protozoa to create a “soil food web” that helps naturally prevent disease and plant-eating predators by working alongside the plant to provide a natural source of nutrients and protection. What do they do with all this super soil when the plants finish growing? Pure Beauty donates it to public parks that need support. Now that’s an excellent way to support your community!

Purity in Beauty

Pure Beauty didn’t stop their mission for a sustainable flower company at cultivation; they stretched this ethos to the point of sale. Their packaging is deliberately minimalistic, with no single-use plastics in sight. In its place, you find lots of paper which, if you hadn’t heard, is totally recyclable! Plus, they have an extremely unique mylar bag made from plant starches instead of plastics. This took them a year and a half to develop, and it was worth it! Pure Beauty would never put profit over the earth. As a company that cares about minimizing the impact we have on the earth, Airfield applauds Pure Beauty for this accomplishment and works diligently alongside them to reach a higher level of sustainability.

September 7, 2022


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