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West Coast Best Coast – CA Cannabis Awards

Celebrating our rich agricultural past, California made history this year by including cannabis on the official California State Fair roster of coveted annual competitions, including wine, cheese, olive oil, and craft beer. Held at Cal Expo in Sacramento, California, in July for the 166th year in a row, the 17-day event attracts over 750,000 attendees annually and showcases California’s agriculture, culture, and diversity. 

The Competition

Based on objective science, the competition analyzes terpenes and cannabinoids tested and certified by SC Labs. These awards honor the raw, whole cannabis plant, showcasing California’s cultivators’ innovation, craftsmanship, and leadership. The competition evaluated flower across three divisions: Indoor, Outdoor, and Mixed Light; and in ten categories per division: three primary cannabinoids, six terpenes, and one co-dominant terpene profile. SC Labs tested each submission to the highest standards, which generated a unique Phytofacts® chemometric report that verified the results. 

With over 300 submissions representing some of the finest cannabis and cultivators throughout California, we are proud to be one of the gold medal winners in the terpene division for Terpinolene in our in-house grown Durban Poison! Keep an eye on the menu for powerful genetics harnessing this energy on the shelf now and coming soon from Aviation Cannabis and Jetfuel!

Why Does it Matter?

Including cannabis in the California State fair lights a pathway to normalcy & destigmatization, allowing us the platform to educate a greater selection of our community about what makes high-quality cannabis just that in the licensed recreational market. With these awards, we celebrate CA cultivators who have traditionally been excluded from the agricultural stage and bring them into the spotlight. Please help us congratulate our grow captains, Jason Fish and Noah Sweeters, who have cultivated for Airfield for over a decade and have made our growing practices and facility what they are today.

Jason Fish
Noah Sweeters
June 24, 2022


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