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What Are Weed Pills?

What are weed pills you ask? If we had to pick one word to describe weed pills, awesome tops the list. If you’re curious, fantastic and amazing were the runners-up.

Why are weed pills all that? Because they’re everything you love about weed in a discreet, smokeless, odorless pill that you can bring anywhere and use everywhere with absolutely zero hassle. That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? We thought so, too. But there are so many different kinds of weed pills with so many potential benefits that even a word like awesome doesn’t cover it. So we will cover it all for you right here, right now.

Welcome to the wonderful world of weed pills, where we’ll explore what they are, how to use them, and what they’re good for (they’re good for you!)

What Makes Weed Pills Different from Other Pills?

Today, the word pill has some heavy negative baggage. The opioid crisis is driven by precipitation pain pills, ADHD pills are methamphetamine by prescription, 1 in 6 Americans are on prescription psych meds, and it seems like the first answer to every human problem is “take a pill.” Uggh.

We’re not saying that they can’t help, but the “take a pill” mentality has become a public health crisis because we reach for them as a “first option” shortcut to wellness. We mask symptoms instead of healing the cause, and many of the prescriptions are opioids, amphetamines, or benzodiazepines. These kinds of drugs are addictive, often abused, and may cause more human suffering than they relieve when used the way we use them.

Enter the awesome (also fantastic and amazing) cannabis pill, a plant-based wellness solution that may offer a holistic, natural solution to many of these conditions without the risk of serious harm. That’s a different kind of pill altogether. So much so that the cannabis community typically avoids the term pill and uses the words capsule or tablet. The focus should not be on the language but on understanding what separates weed pills from other prescription drugs.

What’s in a Weed Pill? 

There are several different cannabis preparations used to make weed capsules, including decarboxylated flower, cannabis distillate, or crystalline cannabinoid powder.

Decarboxylated Flower

Decarboxylation is the method of heating cannabis to make the cannabinoids psychoactive. Decarboxylation is what transforms THCA into the THC that makes you feel high and activates CBDA into the CBD we know and love. Weed pills made with decarboxylated weed are a full spectrum formula that provides the “Entourage Effect” of whole-plant cannabis.


Distillate is an oil made of cannabinoids “distilled” from the cannabis plant. Typically, this process is used to distill one cannabinoid from the plant. Distillate purity can range from 85% to 95% of a single cannabinoid. The cannabinoids in distillate must also be decarboxylated.

Distillate-based pills are available in THC and CBD-only formulas as well as blends. Some distillate pills contain no other compounds or terpenes, but some reintroduce the cannabis plant’s terpenes into the end product.


Crystalline are cannabinoids in powder form. Crystalline’s extraction process strips the cannabis plant of terpenes, minor cannabinoids, and plant matter, leaving behind only the desired cannabinoid molecule.

Weed pills made with crystalline contain close to 100% pure powdered cannabinoids. Some crystalline pills are not decarboxylated and available in THCA or CBDA preparations that enable people to benefit from cannabis without its intoxicating effects.

What are the Different Kinds of Weed Pills?

Another thing that makes weed pills so awesome is that they’re available in different combinations of cannabinoids in different ratios, as well as broad-spectrum and full-spectrum formulations. 

What Cannabinoids are available in Weed Capsules?

There are so many that it’s actually kind of amazing. Of course, there are THC and CBD capsules. There are also capsules in different ratios of THC to CBD and CBD to THC. But there are also pills with:

  • THC
  • CBD
  • CBG
  • CBN
  • THCA
  • THCV
  • Delta-8, and other cannabinoids in different combinations and ratios.

That’s so cool!

Full-Spectrum Weed Pills

Full-spectrum weed pills include all of the cannabis plant’s goodness: terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. They can be made with full-spectrum decarboxylated cannabis flower or full-spectrum cannabis oil.

Broad-Spectrum Weed Pills 

Broad-spectrum pills are similar to full-spectrum pills but broad-spectrum is a term typically used to refer to CBD products with a full cannabinoid and terpene profile but only trace levels of THC, which has been removed (some people don’t like THC).

Advantages of using Cannabis Capsules

Buckle up, friend, because there are more than a few reasons that pills are just plain better than good old-fashioned weed.  

Weed Pills are Discreet

It’s time to face some harsh realities, weed people. Sometimes it’s just not that cool to have weed smoke billowing from your hot-boxed car at an intersection (FYI, stoned driving is drunk driving). Likewise, rolling into that PTA meeting reeking like that little dogwalker you just blazed in the parking structure may not be greeted with the same enthusiasm that you smoked it with. 

THC pills offer a solution to these problems. With them, there is no telltale weed stank. There’s also no stinky mylar bag or jar and no funky fingers from rolling joints or packing bowls. No. There’s just a tiny bottle that fits in a pocket and goes everywhere with you like an imaginary friend that no one knows about but you. 

Pill Form is Convenient

With CBD or THC capsules, there’s no bud, no grinder, no rolling tray, no papers, no pipe, no bong, no torch, no ash, and no hassle whatsoever. They’re also super portable, easy to store, and don’t degrade as cannabis does.

They’re also really simple to use, and simple is just another type of convenience. With cannabis capsules, you always know exactly what you’re taking. This makes it a breeze to dial in your dose.

Weed Pills Don’t Irritate Your Lungs

Nobody likes to be irritated. That guy at the express lane in the grocery store with 16 items when the sign clearly says 15 drives us insane. But that’s nothing compared to irritating those things we breathe with called lungs. Breathing is essential. If you don’t breathe, well, you die. For this reason, we have a strong preference for activities that don’t impair this vital function. 

Smoking weed necessitates inhaling combusted plant matter. There’s just no getting around that. Do it often enough, and respiratory side effects are a likely consequence. Wheezing, coughing, and phlegm may become your constant companion. Moreover, combustion produces carcinogenic compounds called PAHs. The bottom line is that inhaling burning stuff is not good for your breathing, and breathing is essential to life. So, anything you can do to give those lungs a break is a good idea. And that makes ingesting cannabis orally a good idea. 

You Can Tailor Your Dose to Your Needs

Different people use cannabis for different reasons. Some medical patients or high tolerance users need a high dose. Some people don’t tolerate THC well or prefer the more subtle effect of a microdose. No matter your preference, you can do it all with ingestible capsules. Go high dose. Go microdose. Go anywhere in between. Capsules and tablets put you in the cockpit. Fly as high as the sky or as low as you can go. 

Weed Pills are More Potent

Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that cannabinoids and terpenes are destroyed by the heat of combustion or vaporization? Well, they are. This doesn’t happen with cannabis capsules which means pills provide enhanced bioavailability over smoking or vaping. 

Beyond that, when you swallow a capsule or tablet, the THC metabolite synthesized by the stomach and liver is 11-hydroxy-THC, which is more potent than the THC absorbed through the lungs directly to the bloodstream. This offers a more powerful, longer-lasting high. 

How to Use THC Pills

THC pills are edibles. They work the same way. Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your weed pill experience doesn’t result in a turbulent flight through the nightmare sky of anxiety and paranoia.

The Rules for Using Weed Pills 

We don’t like rules any more than you do. We are founding members of the “Rules Were Made To Be Broken Society” (We meet in a church basement on Sundays). But occasionally, there are rules that are the exception to the rule that “rules were made to be broken” (Did you get that? Read it again). These are two of them. 

Rule #1

BE PATIENT. Typically, weed pills may take as long as 90 minutes to kick in. Do not double down on your dose until at least 90 minutes have passed. 

Rule #2

ALWAYS START LOW DOSE. Remember, 11-hydroxy-THC hits hard. We’ve seen the damage. It’s not pretty. We know. You’re a real free spirit. Rules don’t apply to you. Mmmmkay. Then just please consider this story about Bob, a very sorry and regretful fellow who bought his first bottle of weed pills and decided that Bob knows best.

It all started so well. Bob read the instructions on the bottle. He took the lowest recommended dose. Then Bob waited. 10 minutes passed. He felt nothing. 20 minutes. Still nothing. Bob wonders…do these things even work? He takes a deep breath. Reminds himself to be patient. But 30 minutes later Bob still feels nothing so he eats another, rules be damned. Uh Oh…

Moments later, the first dose hits Bob hard and sets him down. Wow. Then the second one hits hard with the double whammy, and Wow becomes Whooooooaaaa, and it’s too late to save him. Now Bob’s pinned to the floor with anxiety and paranoia, sitting on his chest like that monster from childhood that lived under the bed and terrified him even though, deep down, he knew it wasn’t real.

Bob survived, of course. Everyone does. You can’t OD on weed. But you can have a very very bad time. Don’t be like Bob. Follow the rules, or meet your monster. It’s your call.

Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis Pills

It’s been a ton of fun so far, but we’ve saved the best for last. It’s time to learn all about the amazing therapeutic uses. THC and CBD are the primary cannabinoids in cannabis. Consequently, they are the most well-researched. Yes, it’s time to dig into the science!

THC pills have a wide range of therapeutic uses. There is some evidence that suggests THC may treat the following symptoms and conditions: 

If you’d like to try THC pills, 10 mg Softgels by Absolute Extracts are a good place to start.

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Pills

Like THC, CBD has a wide range of therapeutic uses. More research is needed, but CBD is presently used to treat the following symptoms and conditions:

If you think that CBD may be for you, Care By Design makes a 40:1 CBD:THC Soft Gel that’s an excellent choice.

Benefits of Cannabis Pills with THC and CBD

The chemists Raphael Mechoulam and Shimon Ben-Shaba coined the term entourage effect in 1999 to describe their theory that the compounds in cannabis work together to create therapeutic effects. This theory conflicted with the established theory that attributed all of marijuana’s effects to THC.

The entourage effect remains controversial in the contemporary scientific community. However, an emerging body of evidence supports the idea that THC and CBD have a synergistic effect on each other. There are multiple studies that suggest that CBD and THC both work better when used together.

Would you like to test the entourage effect theory yourself? Level Protabs 1:1 CBD to THC is a fantastic balanced option for the new or experienced cannabis user.

Airfield Supply Co. is Here to Help

The word pills may have some negative baggage, but weed pills deserve a category of their own. They offer countless advantages over the traditional ways that we use cannabis, and they provide a holistic, natural way to treat many conditions without the risk of serious harm.Whether you’re looking for something to treat your insomnia or help you cope with a chronic condition, we have the products and the knowledge that you need. So why wait? Drop by Airfield today, or order online for same-day delivery!

January 3, 2023


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