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710 labs - GAK SMOOVIE #5 - TIER 1 POD
710 labs |
THC: 40.14%
CBD: 0.75%
"What it is: Gak Smoovie #5 is a hybrid crossing of Gak x 4 Locoz extracted by 710 Labs. Why We Love It: Incredible melon and honeydew flavor leaks out of this one. Dosing And Potency: 710 Labs pods-only compatible with the 710 Labs battery, available here at Airfield Supply Co. Separate Pod from Battery, store POD in the fridge. When ready, let it warm back to room temp, add it back to the battery. Do not store in a hot place like a car. Should be stored in temp controlled room or fridge. A Bit About The Brand: 710 Labs are award-winning artists who hand-select exotic strains and more elusive landrace single-origin seeds to create the richest flavored, small-batch, organically fed cannabis on the planet. "
- 0.5 grams
In Stock