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710 labs - RSO OIL - ZEST #4  X LEMON TART PUCKER #1
710 labs |
THC: 75.14%
CBD: 0.19%
"What it is: A balanced and euphoric high comes from these two hybrid strains, soothing to both the body and mind. Why We Love It: RSO is a decarboxylated full spectrum extract. Full spectrum means it contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes and many other valuable compounds found in the cannabis plant. Our rso is strain specific. Dosing And Potency: Storage note: Store in the refrigerator then bring to room temperature before use. Twist riveded end until desired dosage is shown on the plunger, using two hands, gently push the plunger down to dispense the oil,. For oral consumption and topical application ONLY. Recommended Dose: Dispense the size of a pinhead or 1/2 grain of rice and increase dosage as needed. A Bit About The Brand: 710 Labs are award-winning artists who hand-select exotic strains and more elusive landrace single-origin seeds to create the richest flavored, small-batch, organically fed cannabis on the planet. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock