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710 labs - STAY PUFT #19
"What it is: Stay Puffed #19 is a indica leaning hybrid crossing Marshmallow OG x Grape Gasoline cultivated by 710 Labs. Why We Love It: Relative of Marshmallow OG, but maybe even better – similar unique, nutty taste with a bit more creamy smoothness Dosing And Potency: 710's Labs flower is packed into airtight containers and sealed for maximum freshness and perfect to keep your flower safely stored. Every jar is precisely measured to 3.5 grams, with the flower ready to grind and smoke using rolling papers, a pipe, or the bong of your choice. A Bit About The Brand: 710 Labs are award-winning artists who hand-select exotic strains and more elusive landrace single-origin seeds to create the richest flavored, small-batch, organically fed cannabis on the planet. "
- 3.5 grams
In Stock
This product is no longer available.