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Absolute xtracts - TERP CHEWS - TANGIE
"What it is: Take a trip down memory lane with Tangie's vibrant and zesty flavor profile and citrusy goodness. This strain will tantalize your taste buds and restore your senses, a real-life Willy Wonka creation that will transport you to a world of pure imagination! Cali-O crossed with Skunk 1. Why We Love It: Tangerine and orange followed by active and uplifting effects. Dosing And Potency: These delectable 5mg THC gummies are made with real fruit flavor and natural colors, ensuring every bite is a delight to the taste buds. Each package contains 20 gummies and 100mg total A Bit About The Brand: AbsoluteXtracts — ABX — is a homegrown Northern California company committed to providing the masses with a wide variety of pure, safe, and potent cannabis concentrates. "
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