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Big pete's treats - CANNABUTTER - INDICA
"What it is: The Secret Ingredient to Big Pete's Cookies! Big Pete’s Original Indica Cannabutter is the perfect ingredient to enhance any meal. Each jar is made with locally grown Santa Cruz cannabis and top-quality grade AA butter, using a slow cook method that extracts all the cannabinoids from the plant for a full-spectrum experience. The activated cannabinoids provide a relaxing and soothing high, perfect for unwinding after a long day. With 1000mg in each jar and 10mg per 1/4 tsp, Big Pete’s Indica Cannabutter is sure to hit the spot. Why We Love It: Big Pete's Cannabutter is created using 100% fully activated slow cooked extraction. This creates the solventless, Full Spectrum THC experience with all the cannabinoid benefits. Making the effects of this Butter hit harder, and last longer with a consisttenly steady high. Dosing And Potency: Each 4oz container contains 1000mg of THC and <2mg CBD. Dosing instructions on packaging. Must Keep Refrigerated. A Bit About The Brand: As a family business with Santa Cruz soul, Big Pete's Treats are dedicated to baking cannabis cookies that are tasty, consistent, and effective for a quality experience that can be replicated deliciously time and time again. "
- 4.0 ounces
In Stock