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Big pete's treats - CHOCOLATE CHIP INDICA CBN 10PK
"What it is: The Sleepytime CBN Cookie from Big Pete's Treats is a delicious chocolate chip cookie with the added benefits of CBN, a cannabinoid that promotes relaxation and aids in sleep. Why We Love It: Made with cannabutter from premium Santa Cruz-grown cannabis, our slow-cook method extracts all the cannabinoids for a consistent and long-lasting high. Try the Sleepytime CBN Cookie today for a relaxing and delicious treat! Dosing And Potency: 10 cookies per bag. 10mg THC and 5mg CBN per cookie. Total Bag: 100mg THC & 50mg CBN. Store in a cool dry place. A Bit About The Brand: As a family business with Santa Cruz soul, Big Pete's Treats are dedicated to baking cannabis cookies that are tasty, consistent, and effective for a quality experience that can be replicated deliciously time and time again. "
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