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Care by design - 1:1 DROPS 30ML
1:1 DROPS 30ML
Care by design |
THC: 547.77mg
CBD: 546.26mg
"What it is: A long-time favorite of those looking for comfort, our 1:1 ratio are full-spectrum CBD drops that features CBD, THC, the minor cannabinoids THCa and CBDa, as well as flavorful terpenes. Equal parts CBD to THC, this ratio is potent and powerful. It is ideal for unwinding at the end of the day and promoting a restful night’s sleep. Why We Love It: Designed for more experienced users, this ratio contains the most THC of any of our ratios. Our 1:1 is designed for people with previous experience with cannabis who can tolerate more THC. Take the 1:1 for a balanced feeling with some psychoactivity. Dosing And Potency: Ingredients: Cannabis oil, Coconut oil. 30ml / 1 fl oz. Typical dose: 1mL (1 dropper). Intended for oral consumption. Use the measured droppers to apply drops under the tongue & hold for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. Onset time & tolerance varies per individual so please consume accordingly. Onset Time: 15 min - 2 hours Duration of Effects: 2-10 hours A Bit About The Brand: From the CBD-rich cannabis grown in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, Care By Design pioneered CBD to THC ratios that deliver powerful relief by harnessing the full theraputic potential of the cannabis plant. "
- 30.0 milliliters
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