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What it is: Thanks to its particular shape, this pocket lighter fits perfectly well in the pocket and makes a great choice for all, as well as a great kitchen lighter for your cooking needs. Why We Love it: Unlike similar lighters, the Clipper lighter is refillable and nature-friendly. No need to dispose of it when empty - get a butane refill, replace the Clipper lighter flint, and reuse it. Featuring a solid metal tip, the Clipper lighter is much more than a candle lighter - it has a built in removable packing tool. A Bit About the Brand: Since its inception Clipper has become the world leader and consumer favorite in refillable lighters. This is due primarily to its instantly recognizable, iconic design and high quality specification. Since all Clipper lighters are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials, they have become one of the most prominent brands in the world lighter market.
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