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Cream of the crop - SHERB BURGER 1G
"What it is: Sherb Burger is an indica dominant strain derived from crossing Triple Burger with Big League Sherb. Why We Love It: This strain has a scent that can and should be turned into a candle; citrus, spice with floral undertones. The high amounts of limonene, myrcene, and linalool give Sherb Burger its mood boosting and relaxing properties. When consumed in high amount, this strain can become sedating, so consume responsibly. Dosing And Potency: The COTC Signature Cartridge features a ceramic core with no burn technology and a borosilicate glass body filled with 100% Live Resin Oil, no distillate, from our award winning genetics. A Bit About The Brand: Cream of the Crop prides themselves on crafting the most exclusive, highest quality, connoisseur flowers in California. Cultivated with a shared mission of producing the best expression of each cultivar-fragrant terpenes, unmatched flavor & always a clean, smooth finish. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock