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"What it is: Airheads is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain made from a genetic cross between Runtz and Pink Runtz. Why We Love It: This strain is named after the iconic candy for its sweet and fruity flavor that will make your mouth water. Airheads is a mind-blowing strain that delivers strong and fast-hitting effects that are both cerebral and relaxing. Dosing And Potency: Perfect for your dab rig of choice or Puffco Peak or Peak Pro - all of which are available right here at Airfield. GLOBS concentrates are known to pack a potent punch - a little goes a long way! A Bit About The Brand: Globs is a Cannabis Concentrates company committed to bringing quality, affordable extracts to the masses. Modern strains, cutting-edge processing techniques, and an old-school price tag makes Globs the quintessential brand of the everyday consumer. Globs was founded on a singular principle, make you feel great while enjoying truly unique terpene profiles without taking half your paycheck. "
- 1.0 grams
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