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Heirbloom - BUBBA KUSH .75G
Heirbloom |
THC: 26.14%
"What it is: Growing up in California, when this pheno first arrived on the scene in the late 90s it was just called ""Kush"" before it got renamed Pre-98 Bubba or ""Bubba Kush"" and others came along like ""OG Kush"" and ""Master Kush."" This clone-only original is one of the first strains we ever worked with, growing the Bubba alongside Super Silver Haze.Rolled up by Heirbloom. Why We Love It: Known for having an earthy, coffee flavored profile, with citrus undertones, this classic smoke provides nice Indica effects like relaxation and help with sleeping. Dosing And Potency: All you need is a lighter to spark up and go! A Bit About The Brand: Heirbloom is grown and cultivated by the team at Cannabiotix and is focused on producing classic cannabis varieties or """"heirloom"""" strains at top level quality. An """"heirloom"""" is defined as: something of special value handed down from one generation to another. Here at CBX, cannabis has always been very near and dear to our hearts and we believe having a passion for the plant means everything for the user experience. "
- 0.75 grams
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