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High gorgeous - PLAIN JANE
High gorgeous |
THC: 1.0mg
CBD: 500.0mg
What it is: The Plain Jane Broad Spectrum High CBD Body Lotion combines a potent amount of CBD into a pure, simple, and moisturizing body lotion. Why We Love It: A skin-boosting botanical formula plus CBD makes Plain Jane Body Lotion a great addition to anyone's daily beauty routine. High Gorgeous don’t add any color or fragrance, to keep it pure and simple. Dosing And Potency: Each bottle contains 300mg CBD. For non-psychoactive relief, apply daily to clean, dry skin as desired. Not intended for face. All High Gorgeous products are vegan-friendly formulations made cruelty-free and are without parabens, soy, and sulfates. A Bit About The Brand: Female-owned and operated High Gorgeous creates consistent, safe, and fun products that you can count on – always cruelty-free and infused with the best botanicals and herbs on the market.
- 3.4 ounces
In Stock