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Humo |
THC: 30.92%
"What it is: Sink into peace and calm with PetroLimón, a hybrid strain that’s ideal for nighttime. Why We Love It: The terpenes Limonene and Myrcene give this flower added euphoric effects and accent its bold flavor profile. Dosing And Potency: All you need is a lighter - this preroll is ready to light, toke, and go. A Bit About The Brand: Humo - A Spanish word for smoke, humo (oo-moh) is the unmistakable result of cannabis when ignited. Hailing from Salinas, California, Humo is on a mission to eliminate the stigma surrounding cannabis in the Latino community by celebrating the rich cultural history with the plant and normalizing its daily use. Humo is by La Raza Pa’ La Raza. "
- 1.0 grams
In Stock