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"What it is: Purple Tangie is a hybrid strain crossing GMO x Purple Punch by Mirayo. Why We Love It: Cultivated with artisanal craft and traditional patience, this Purple Tangie brims with the natural qualities prized by spiritual seekers. With its grape and berry aromas, this hybrid inspires symmetry and beckons one to harmonize your inward and outward awareness, mind and body energies, for elevated perception. - Sungrown cannabis - Hybrid Flower - Grape, berries, gas Dosing And Potency: Mirayo by Santana flower is measured out to 3.5g, packed into airtight jars, and sealed for maximum freshness - perfect to keep your product safely stored. Flower is ready to grind and smoke using rolling papers, vaporizers, pipes, or bongs. A Bit About The Brand: Mirayo by Santana is a cannabis line that honors the spiritual and ancient Latin heritage of the plant. Created in partnership with longtime cannabis activist and ten-time GRAMMY award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana, Mirayo empowers you to follow your light to spirituality, individuality and higher consciousness. "
- 3.5 grams
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