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Nasha |
THC: 68.9%
"What it is: Strawberry Banana is an Indica-leaning hybrid between two fruity strains: Bubble Gum and Banana Kush with a universally appealing flavor of strawberries, sweet earth and an easygoing, mellow high. Why We Love It: Cultivated by Alpenglow farms, a certified Dem Pure regenerative farm. The fine art of growing a garden and a family in the mountains of Southern Humboldt County, California. Dosing And Potency: Nasha's Blue Pressed is a 1g ball of solid pressed hash that has a greater amount of oil than plant material. It is very sticky and oily, giving smooth and flavorful smoke. Great to add in a joint or on top of your bowl of flower. A Bit About The Brand: NASHA was born in the beautiful mountains of Humboldt County with long ties to Indian hash-making culture - representing old school hash made the natural way without the use of solvents. "
- 1.2 grams
In Stock