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Not your father's - ALPINE SPLASH
"What it is: Immerse yourself in the cool and invigorating taste of our Alpine Splash 100mg Cannabis Drink, a cannabis-infused beverage that combines the crispness of alpine flavors with the therapeutic effects of THC. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this drink provides a refreshing and unique way to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle. Why We Love It: The Alpine Splash Cannabis Drink features a carefully measured 100mg of THC, ensuring a consistent and controlled dosage for a predictable and enjoyable experience. This makes it suitable for users seeking a moderate to strong effect, with the added bonus of a refreshing beverage. Dosing And Potency: It only takes about 15 minutes to feel the effects, so crack a 16oz can A Bit About The Brand: The same Blue Ribbon you know and love now comes with a different kind of buzz. Perfect for taking your day up a few notches, or really just making whatever you're doing a little bit better. "
- 16.0 fluid ounces
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