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Suprize suprize - VELVET NO. 5
Suprize suprize |
THC: 30.0%
CBD: 1.9%
"What it is: Velvet No. 5 is a hybrid strain crossing Cake Mix x Red Pop. Why We Love It: Notes of dark berries, sweet dough, kush, with a little petrol. Follwed by effects that are calming, not sedative but relaxing. Dosing And Potency: Suprize Suprize flower is packed into airtight containers and sealed for maximum freshness and perfect to keep your flower safely stored. Every jar is precisely measured to 3.5 grams, with the flower ready to grind and smoke using rolling papers, a pipe, or the bong of your choice. *Graphic image on pouch may vary from photo shown. A Bit About The Brand: Suprize Suprize was born out of a desire to combine premium flower and top notch concentrate crafters - all with with an artistic edge and attention to detail. "
- 3.5 grams
In Stock