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Suprize suprize - IOS OG 5PK
"What it is: iOs OG is a cross of (Hammerhead - RKO Cut) x Banana SFV Dog for a hybrid experience. Why We Love It: Classic OG, bright-kushy-lime, fuel, and earth. Energetic, and potent, but not a couch-lock. Creative. Dosing And Potency: Freshly ground, rolled and immediately sealed in a compostable bag for maximum freshness. Rolls are made with living soil grown and hand trimmed """"AAA"""" cured flower. A Bit About The Brand: Suprize Suprize was born out of a desire to combine premium flower and top notch concentrate crafters - all with with an artistic edge and attention to detail. "
- 2.5 grams
In Stock
This product is no longer available.