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Wave rider nursery - BAY BREEZE CBD
Wave rider nursery |
THC: 8.12%
CBD: 12.26%
"What it is: Bay Breeze is a CBD rich strain that leans to the sativa side. Bay Breeze from Wave Rider Nursery is an exclusive strain that been passed down through the generations. Named after the original greenhouse in Salinas that Wave Rider now occupies, this flower has been specially cultivated to be your all-day strain. Why We Love It: With close to a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, you can count on a light, euphoric high perfect for your next hike, surf, or lunch break. This is for the smokers who miss the good ol’ days when a fresh joint or bowl didn’t blast you to the moon or lock you to the couch. Dosing And Potency: Wave Rider flower is packed and weighed aprprox 3.5g and ready to be smoked in joints, or using glassware such as a pipe, bong or bubbler. A Bit About The Brand: Wave Rider Nursery is a greenhouse cultivation facility based in Monterey County, California. With lifetimes worth of experience in cannabis the Wave Rider crew has focused its energy on creating the optimal greenhouse environment capable of cultivating exquisite flower year around. In addition to high end environmental control WRN has dedicated huge amounts of time, resources, and energy to pheno hunts in collaboration with some of the greatest breeders of our time. "
- 3.5 grams
In Stock