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Yummi karma - JUST PEACHY 30:1
Yummi karma |
THC: 30.0mg
CBD: 1000.0mg
"What it is: High CBD Ratio Tincture. This tincture is full of delicious natural flavor, 1000 mg CBD + 30 mg THC - all in a healthy MCT oil base. Why We Love It: PEACH PLEASE! Make every day just peachy with this 30:1 ratio of CBD to THC that will bring you some much needed peach and quiet. Dosing And Potency: Bottle contains ~ 1000 mg CBD : 30 mg THC Serving (1ml) contains ~ 33 mg CBD : 1 mg THC *Actual cannabinoid content may vary by bottle. Please refer to lab results located on the outer box. You may experience psychoactive effects depending on your dose or your tolerance for THC. 1 fl oz (30 ml) | 30 servings per bottle A Bit About The Brand: Yummi Karma was started by two sisters whose overall objective has always been to normalize and transform the way people see cannabis, and ultimately bring about real social change. "
- 1.0 fluid ounces
In Stock