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A golden state - MOUNTAIN SHADOWS 3.5G
What it is: Mountian Shawdows is a Hybrid cross between White Fire and Gelato bx1 cultivated by A Golden State. Why We Love It: A full-bodied hybrid strain with hints of lemon zest and mint. Its eclectic and diverse terpene profile, including pinene for subtle energy and creativity, linalool for a soothing body-high experience and myrcene for relaxation make it great for smokers seeking an active yet tranquil, cerebral high. Dosing And Potency: Mountain Shadows by A Golden State is packaged and ready to go to ensure you have a good high experience with high-quality cannabis. Just inhale and enjoy! A Bit About The Brand: A Golden State is not a brand or place, it’s a state of being. Born in Northern California under the watch of the Cascade Mountains, their operation is forward-thinking and technically progressive, but their cultivation style remains true to their roots. Their knowledge as cultivators and connoisseurs has led them to produce highly distinct cannabis strains, each created for recreation, relaxation, sharing with friends, unwinding solo, or finding the right headspace for enjoyment.
- 3.5 grams
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