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Absolute xtracts - CCELL BATTERY W/ BUTTON
"What it is: Variable Voltage C-Cell Battery. Perfect for your ABX Carts and ABX Sauce Carts. Adjustable voltages to get your vape hits just right! Works with any 510 thread cartridge. - Press Button 5 times in quick succession to power on off. To select desired temperature setting, press the button 3 times in quick succession: Green - Low 1.6, Blue - Medium 1.9, Red - High 2.4. To preheat press the button 2 times in quick succession. LED light will rotate through all colors as the battery preheats for 30 seconds. Charger included. A Bit About The Brand: AbsoluteXtracts — ABX — is a homegrown Northern California company committed to providing the masses with a wide variety of pure, safe, and potent cannabis concentrates. "
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