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"What it is: Medellin is a hybrid strain extracted by Bloom Why We Love It: Bloom Live Rosin is a clean, solvent less concentrate made from pressing live cannabis. The result is a full-spectrum oil that captures all of complexity of plant flavors in cannabis. The flavor is plant-forward with fruit, floral and earth notes. Dosing And Potency: Bloom Surf is the most advanced all-in-one vape on the market. Bloom Live Rosin is ready to use, and exclusively available in the 500mg all-in-one Surf, which is optimized to handle vicous oils.Built with a 190mAh battery, the Surf is made to last long and deliver bigger clouds with more flavor and potency in every puff. Maximize your high; no priming or charger is needed. A Bit About The Brand: SInce 2014, Bloom has pioneered the Cannabis Vape Industry with consistent formulas that deliver a tasteful experience as close to the plant as possible. "
- 0.5 grams
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