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Care by design - 1:1 - 0.5G
1:1 - 0.5G
Care by design |
THC: 42.67%
CBD: 39.93%
What it is: With a balance of CBD to THC, you get the powerful effects of both cannabinoids to help you find the comfort and calm you deserve. Designed for more experienced users, Care By Design's 1:1 has the highest amount of THC of any of our ratios, so some psychoactivity may occur. Why We Love It: Mostly earthy in flavor with subtle notes of pine. Calm and energizing high settle in to take the edge off. The body buzz is nice for a short walk or fueling a craft day, but it’s not quite enough to climb a mountain. Dosing And Potency: Use as needed A Bit About The Brand: Founded in 2014, Care By Design earned their success by operating with the highest integrity and making innovative products with unparalleled efficacy. Intent on harnessing the full power of cannabis, Care By Design pioneered CBD to THC ratios that deliver powerful relief, amplified by science.
- 0.5 grams
In Stock